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Ital Tek – Bodied (Pink Vinyl) ZIQ397

Ital Tek – Bodied (Pink Vinyl) ZIQ397

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Features: Sealed

Format: Record

Record Size: 12"

Duration: Double LP

Album Name: Bodies

Material: Vinyl

Speed: 33 RPM

Colour: Pink

Edition: First Pressing

Record Label: Planet Mu

Case Type: Cardboard Sleeve

Release Title: Bodied

Sleeve Grading: Mint (M)

Artist: Ital Tek

Record Grading: Mint (M)

Release Year: 2018

Style: IDM

Genre: Dance & Electronica

Inlay Condition: Mint (M)

Type: LP

Ital Tek – Bodied (Vinyl) ZIQ397

Follow up to his acclaimed 2016 album 'Hollowed'. Stepping in a different direction from that album, It’s as if Hollowed's detailed world has been fleshed out and filled with the spectre of human voices. As on his last album, the sounds on 'Bodied' are highly designed, but this time barely a whisper of dance music remains. Instead it's built around acoustic elements and ghostly choral arrangements, refracted and transformed into atmospheric, alien forms which are given the time to settle and transform. Rhythm is used only as a tool to give his world a sense of dark, mechanical momentum



    • 1. Adrift
    • 2. Become Real
    • 3. Cipher


    • 1. Lithic
    • 2. Isolation Waves
    • 3. Vanta
    • 4.Across Time


    • 1. Hymnal
    • 2. Blood Rain
    • 3. Prima


    • 1. Fragility
    • 2. Bodied
    • 3. The Circle Is Complete
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