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Joseph Shabason - The Fellowship(CD) WV226CD

Joseph Shabason - The Fellowship(CD) WV226CD

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Features: Sealed

Format: CD

CD Grading: Mint (M)

Colour: Silver

Edition: First Edition

Record Label: Western Vinvil

Case Type: Cardboard Sleeve

Release Title: The Fellowship

Artist: Joseph Shabason

Release Year: 2021

Style: Contemporary Jazz

Genre: Jazz

Case Condition: Mint (M)

Inlay Condition: Mint (M)

Type: Album

Joseph Shabason - The Fellowship(CD) WV226CD

Toronto saxophonist Joseph Shabason sketches an auditory map of the transcendence, unity, conditioning, and eventual renunciation of his upbringing in an Islamic and Jewish dual-faith household. The resulting album The Fellowship bears the name of the insular Islamic community Shabason’s traditionally Jewish parents belonged to from a time before he was even born; a mental and spiritual push-pull which continued shaping, even controlling, his outlook well into his adulthood. As a listening experience The Fellowship follows a chronological arc that spans three generations covering his parents’ early lives, his own spiritual and physical adolescence, and his subsequent struggle to eschew the problematic habituations of such a conflicted past.


  • 1 Life With My Grandparents 
  • 2 Escape From North York 
  • 3 The Fellowship 
  • 4 0-13 
  • 5 13-15 
  • 6 15-19 
  • 7 Comparative World Religions 
  • 8 So Long

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